So I recently changed the name of my base directory of my WordPress installation and then changed the home and siteurl and did a better search replace in my database then I changed the permalink structure from 'custom' to the second to last setting but now I cannot edit or create new pages... How do I fix the site so it will work again?

I worked around the problem by doing a fresh install of WordPress with a new database and then rebuilding my site so now I do not have the problem anymore but I still would like to know why changing the permalinks on two different servers (one unix and one windows) caused new page creation to stop working. Any ideas?


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What are you seeing exactly when you try to edit or create?

Also! Have you updated the Permalinks? (simply visit the Permalinks page to regenerate them) WP-Admin > Settings > Permalinks

Usually fixes 99.99% of issues when you have issues navigating away from the home page.

  • When I press 'Publish' on a new page I got the alert Failed to Publish. And yes I tried changing the permalinks and then saving, but that is what causes the problem. I updated my question with where I am now.
    – David
    Commented Sep 5, 2019 at 14:11

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