So I would like to access this part of the HTML and be able to edit it (see image below)

Retrieved from the Inspect Element

However when I access my ftp server and navigate to the Footer.php section, this part of the HTML is not to be found. I also checked Header.php and all other files in the wp-content/themes/mytheme but to no avail. Refer to image below. So where can I locate 'menu-image-title' please? Thanks in advance.

Unable to locate menu-image-title tag

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The code you are referring to is a menu, and in your screenshot, is likely to be the line starting wp_nav_menu...

Look in your WP admin under Appearance > Menus, and you should have a Social Media Links menu it seems...


Wordpress fonctions sometimes generates classes that are not visible in your files. Instead search class name it can be helpful to serach html tags or write directly a few words in your page, then push it via FTP an localte it in your site. sometimes it's because your are not targeting the right file.


this html does not appear in a directory like you are looking for. This code is generated dynamically by the php code using values that you have put into the database via the also php-generated pages/fields.

If you want to modify the code you need to modify the php that generates the code

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