I'm new to WP-CLI. After a lot of Googling and searching in this forum, I haven't found out which is the command to update both date and time formats.

wp option update......

Thanks for any help!



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The wp-cli command structure would be:

wp option update timezone_string "American/New_York"


  1. option to act on a WordPress option
  2. update to update the option
  3. the option name, in this case 'timezone_string'
  4. the new value, in this case 'American/New_York'

Items 3 and 4 are defined by WordPress, a plugin, or other custom code.

Number 4, the value may have only a limited number of valid values. In this case, something other than a standard timezone would cause problems.

Generally speaking, I update the timezone, time format and start of week to Sunday.

wp option update timezone_string "America/New_York"
wp option update time_format "g:i A"
wp option update start_of_week 0

So research your basic WordPress options to determine the option name and the valid values, then structure your command line appropriately.

  • Excellent, thanks a lot for all information!! Sep 4, 2019 at 10:39

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