I'm quite green at wp js framework;

What i'm trying to achieve is that if setting 123 == a then assign setting_x to .header-banner background-color; else if setting 123 == b assign value of setting_y.

To help understand my problem better below is the code for wp customizer api


header_option = wp.customize('123').get();
   if(header_option =="a"){
        wp.customize('setting_x', function (value){
            value.bind (function(newval){
                $('.header-banner').css('background-color', newval); 
   } else{
        wp.customize('setting_y' ,function (value){
            value.bind ( function (newval){
                $('.header-banner').css('background-color', newval); 

I would appreciate an explanation as search wp debugger / codex pages didn't get me very far, hence my question here

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