I am trying to insert data which contains a POINT field. I am using the $wpdb->insert method but when generating the SQL it is wrapping the POINT in quotes.

global $wpdb;
$table = $wpdb->base_prefix . 'points';

$Data = array(
    'Title' => $this->Title,
    'gPoint' => sprintf("POINT(%s,%s)",$this->Lng, $this->Lat),
    'Lat' => $this->Lat,
    'Lng' => $this->Lng

if (!$wpdb->insert($table,$Data))
    throw new Exception($wpdb->last_error);

This is the SQL generated. If I take the quotes from around the POINT field, the query will run.

INSERT INTO `wp_points` (`Title`, `gPoint`, `Lat`, `Lng`) VALUES ('My Marker', 'POINT(0.2566251,51.0581515)', '51.0581515', '0.2566251')

Is there a way round this?


If you use the %s in your sprintf statement, $wpdb->insert() will automatically apply single-quotes.

You want to use %f for float, or %d for int/digit.

  • Thanks, but by the time it gets to the $wpdb->insert, the sprintf is gone and just left with this : POINT(0.2566251,51.0581515) . Then the insert wraps the whole lot in quotes which is the problem, as the database tries to insert a string instead of a POINT. – StripyTiger Aug 30 at 8:11

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