I have the paid Divi theme on many websites on a cPanel powered server. I use WP-CLI in a bash script to update all the plugins and themes. But Divi will never update because it only reveals an update is available when you visit wp-admin/update-core.php When you visit that main update page with a browser, you'll see the update number next to "Updates" magically grow by +1.

What I want to do is call update-core.php so it runs one time, because after that happens, WP-CLI is able to detect the Divi update without any problem. At least this is what I think I want to do. Clearly I'm open to suggestions.

What I've tried so far:

This is the php script in the public web root:

define( 'WP_ADMIN', true );
//define( 'SHORTINIT', true );
require( $path.'/wp-load.php' );
require( $path.'/wp-admin/update-core.php' );

But calling that from a browser just goes to a login screen, because it fails the current_user_can checks at the beginning of update-core.php Should I try to create a hacked version of update-core.php that has no user checks? Am I pursuing the wrong path entirely?

There was a discussion on GitHub but I was not able to get the --require feature to work with a script containing define( 'WP_ADMIN', true );


The bash script I use to bulk update is like this--


declare -a arr=(

for i in "${arr[@]}"
   echo "$i"
   echo ______________________________________________________
   cd /home/"$i"/www
   wp core update-db --allow-root
   wp core update --allow-root
   wp plugin update --all --allow-root
   wp theme update --all --allow-root
   chown -R "$i":"$i" *
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    I'd guess Divi has its own way of doing an update detection, separate from wp_update_themes, that gets triggered by update-core somehow. I'd read the theme code to work out what that is and trigger it directly rather than trying to load the update-core page. I'd guess it adds itself to the 'update_themes' site transient when there is an update so you could start by searching for that string. – Rup Aug 28 at 23:37

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