I am making my website on the net and practicing it on localhost wordpress. I want to add a new role in my wordpress, but in both my sites(localhost and internet) I can't find the option to add a role. I went to google for this problem but I didn't found an answer. I am using an custom theme based on 'Twenty Nineteen' if it helps.


"Add Role" isn't an option in WordPress, and never has been. If you want to add a role you'll need a plugin like User Role Editor or Members.

If you want to add a role with code, you can do this with the add_role() function:

        'edit_posts' => true,

Just be aware that roles are persistent, so this function should only be run once on theme/plugin activation.

  • And what does the first and second string represent and where to put it – Demon App Programmer Aug 27 '19 at 18:11

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