I know that this can be edited in the Peepso core, but I want to be able to update the plugin.

I think I found a filter I can use to edit the postbox and allow another field. The form is for the activity stream for logged in users. I found where to add the form but need to know how to add the date field properly to the form.


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I'am looking for the exact same thing, but haven't found the solution yet.

Beware: the below code is from the legacy version from 2015...

There is a event when an activity is saved (see full code here):

     * Called on post save
     * @param {object} json JSON object
    this.on_save = function(json) {
        if (typeof(Function) === typeof(this.opts.on_save))
            this.opts.on_save.apply(this, [json]);

        jQuery(this).trigger("postbox.post_saved", this);

But I don't know how to get the data in the response. I can fetch the event like this:

$( document ).on( 'postbox.post_saved', ( e ) => {
    console.log( e );

But the JSON-Object from the on_save-function above is missing. Otherwise we could resend another ajax-call and save the extra fields on our own.

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