I am working on WordPress 5.2.2 running php 5.6.30. I was using slider revolution 5.4.8 previously which was being displayed via the shortcode however the Animations were not working I did try several methods but the animations for text didn't work so I updated slider to 6.0.1.

Now, the slider doesn't show at all and in the console log the following error is seen:

Uncaught ReferenceError: setREVStartSize is not defined at (index):486

Things I tried:

-Disable all other plugins (didn't work)

-Disable css and js files for a while to be sure that no css or js is conflicting. (didn't work)

-Installed and activated the "Twenty nineteen" theme and opened the test page, placed slider short code there. (It works, I can see the slider with all animations) However I obviously want it for my theme.

I turned on the "Include libraries globally" option (Didn't work) Included page id in the "List of pages to include RevSlider libraries" (Didn't work)

For Slider 6.0.1 the short code is as follows:

[rev_slider alias="gravitydesign1"][/rev_slider]

I really need this slider to be working. Any help will be highly appreciated (or if there is any similar plugin with same functionality please do recommend). Thank you.

  • Quick google is telling me that's it's not compatible with php 7.0+ – admcfajn Aug 23 '19 at 22:47

The Envato forum has several complaints about this, with no solution. Code Canyon has a thread that seems to provide a solution, but it seems iffy and complex.

You might need to do one of the following, until a new version is released:

  • Find another slider program (like SmartSlider 3) for free, to hold you over
  • Ask your web host to downgrade your PHP to 5.6 (not recommended. less secure)

Good luck!

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