At https://core.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/37920 it defines the wp_resource_hints() function that was added with WordPress 4.6.

On that page it shows a section of the general-template.php file where the wp_resource_hints() function is defined, and there's also a function called wp_resource_hints_scripts_styles() which "Adds dns-prefetch for all scripts and styles enqueued from external hosts."

I would like to replace "dns-prefetch" with "preconnect" for all external enqueued scripts and styles. In other words, I would like the wp_resource_hints_scripts_styles() function to use "preconnect" somehow.

Is there a way I can modify the wp_resource_hints() function to achieve this?

I'm looking at the following part of the function, where "dns-prefetch" points to wp_resource_hints_scripts_styles(), and I'm wondering if that can be changed to use "preconnect" instead:

$hints = array(
  'dns-prefetch' => wp_resource_hints_scripts_styles(),
  'preconnect'   => array( 's.w.org' ),
  'prefetch'     => array(),
  'prerender'    => array(),

Apologies if I haven't worded this question in the clearest way!


There's a filter, wp_resource_hints, but it only filters each "relation type" (i.e. preconnect, dns-prefetch, etc.) individually, rather than the whole $hints array in your question. However, you could use the filter to empty the array for dns-prefetch and add wp_resource_hints_scripts_styles() to the preconnect array, like this:

    function( $urls, $relation_type ) {
        if ( 'dns-prefetch' === $relation_type ) {
            $urls = [];

        if ( 'preconnect' === $relation_type ) {
            $urls = wp_dependencies_unique_hosts();

        return $urls;

Note that I used a priority of 0. This is to make sure that any URLs that were manually added to dns-prefetch by another plugin or theme aren't accidentally removed from all the lists, since we're only able to move the URLs from wp_dependencies_unique_hosts().

  • Thanks so much - it's perfect, and nice and simple too! Works a treat. – GermanKiwi Aug 21 '19 at 20:46
  • Hi @jacob-peattie, I just noticed something odd with the function you provided here. Before using your function, my dns-prefetch links used protocol-relative URLs, like this: <link rel='dns-prefetch' href='//fonts.googleapis.com' /> But after enabling your function, the new preconnect links have 'http:' prepended to them - even though my site uses HTTPS: <link rel='preconnect' href='http://fonts.googleapis.com' /> Any idea why, or how I can prevent this from happening with your function? I'd prefer to the preconnect links to use HTTPS or at least protocol-relative URLs. – GermanKiwi Nov 2 '19 at 16:45

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