Wordpress rest api for categories is displaying 10 categories only. how can i get all list of categories in the api. please help me out of this.



This is the REST API Pagination: by default you'll get a page of 10 results and two headers in the results, X-WP-Total and X-WP-TotalPages, to tell you how many pages of results there are.

You can request more results in one go by adding ?per_page=100 to the request, i.e.


100 is the maximum you can request at once. You should then check the X-WP-TotalPages header in the response and if it's more than 1 you need to repeat for further pages of results, i.e.


etc. as appropriate.

  • Thank you, Its working
    – saicharan
    Aug 20 '19 at 4:37

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