A few months ago, I migrated a wordpress website from a Unix instance to a Windows Server running ISS. The migration was pretty rocky but it ended up working fine.

About a week after the migration, I found that the website was inaccessible due to "Could not make a connection the database." I went to check the wp-config.php file and found that it had reset to the default one. Naturally I reentered the information and everything started working again.

Now about 3 months later, it's happened again. Upon searching, I wasn't able to find any information on why this is occurring. I'm hoping that someone will have seen this before.

One change I've made after the most recent occurrence was to move the wp-config.php file up a folder (out of the main web directory).

I'm not much of a Wordpress or ISS guy since I mainly work with Unix and PHP or Node. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I would change credentials on all accounts that have elevated access to the file area on the site. And then look for any plugins that might be caching thngs. And check your network for any restoring backup processes. You could also check FTP access logs for unauthorized use. – Rick Hellewell Aug 19 at 17:11

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