I don't use any cache plugin. Custom post type's posts are only showing in xml sitemap but not showing in other places on the site, until I "open each new post url manually" or "use a third-party online tool to open each new post url manually" or "just open new post's source code url directly in incognito window". All these 3 things works and makes the post visible on site.

I think its easy to fix this but I didn't found any solution to this. Any idea to fix this?


  • What's the code you used to register the post type? Where else are you expecting them to appear? – Jacob Peattie Aug 19 '19 at 7:51

There are several tutorials like this one from WPBeginner that tell you how to create, then display a custom post type. You may need to create templates, and decide where and how they will display.

You could list them as menu items, then use that menu in a sidebar using widgets.

You could also use a plugin like Display Custom Post to list them in a more graphical way.

Good luck!

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