I have a problem with a WP Multisite where only sub-site is misbehaving. All other subsites work OK

On this problem subsite, I can’t open Customise – it throws an error …

Uncaught Exception: Illegal widget setting ID: nav_menu_item[] in path to/wp-includes/customize/class-wp-customize-nav-menu-item-setting.php:171

Also, when I try to open Menus, it takes ages to load and then just freezes the page, and I can’t click on anything.

I'm not a developer but I read here how to run a query to check on the menus as below (the subsite is wp_14) ...


SELECT * FROM wp_14_terms AS t LEFT JOIN wp_14_term_taxonomy AS tt ON tt.term_id = t.term_id WHERE tt.taxonomy = 'nav_menu';


This gives me result with six default menus, plus another 84540 row of "0" (ie zero. Eeeekkk! :) See screenshot at https://ibb.co/GVGSW4p (there's 3380 x25 similar rows not shown!)

From research it look like an AUTO_INCREMENT problem, but I've no idea how to proceed. Can anyone suggest a solution, please? :)



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