Please I want to Redirect Urls using wp theme function.

The both domains are pointing public_html E.g

www.example.com/movies/ to stack.example.com/movies/


www.example.com/movies/anything to stack.example.com/movies/anything

the anything is a wildcard because I have thousands of url so i cant list all of them in there

I insist I need it via theme function, not htaccess

  • Rewrite API should help. You could also use a plugin, Redirection, Safe Redirect Manager – admcfajn Aug 16 at 17:56
  • I need it via via theme function not plugin – XATA Aug 17 at 8:20
  • Have a look at the rewrite api I mentioned. It's a function you can use in your theme & does exactly what you're looking for. – admcfajn Aug 17 at 19:09

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