I am sending emails via wp_mail() using a text/html header. So i need html formatted content.

I want to use wp_editor() to edit my custom email template options. It has a Visual and Text tab for viewing. If I write html using the Text tab, then click Visual. It looks great! I can see the preview! buuuuuut sadly it also removes my html and replaces it with some other format..

I noticed there are options with wp_editor. Is there any that are completely html friendly?

  • To write Emails properly (and probably way better), you can use Litmus editor. it's free and web based and have panel for preview and helpful with responsive emails . Wordprerss TinyMCE or Gutenberg may add some html tags itself, to remove that you may have to modify the plugin – Vishwa Aug 16 '19 at 5:58
  • Thanks for the input! I will give Litmus a try – jonnyK Aug 17 '19 at 22:19

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