I'm not a programmer by any means, but decently tech-savvy. The Orders page of WooCommerce has a "Ship To" column, where it lists the address to ship. The Orders page is generally just used by our shipping guys, but they have to spend most of their time clicking through in and out of things.

When you click on the order or the preview button, the info is displayed on multiple lines, for example:

John Testman
417 Test Street
Testland, Ontario
T3S 7E2

... however, in the regular Order page display (see picture below), the shipping information is only displayed on a single line of text like this:

John Testman, 417 Test Street, Testland, Ontario T3S 7E2

The picture shows two lines, but when we copy/paste the shipping info, it only shows up on a single line. We need it to be on multiple lines like the first example. Is there an easy fix to go into the code for the Ship To column and add line breaks to the way it displays the information?


enter image description here

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