I use this command to get values of ez-toc-settings->auto_insert_post_types

wp eval "print_r(get_option('ez-toc-settings')['auto_insert_post_types']);"

and this prints out the correct values:

    [post] => post
    [page] => page

Now, I try to modify that so I have only "post" value I tried with:

wp eval "update_option('ez-toc-settings auto_insert_post_types', array('post'));"

Infact I have no idea on how to update a key value within a nested option.

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wp option does all you need. See wp option patch in particular.

Updates a nested value in an option.

Get a nested option value:

$ wp option pluck ez-toc-settings auto_insert_post_types

Set a nested option value (with an array):

$ wp option patch update ez-toc-settings auto_insert_post_types '{"post":"post"}' --format=json

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