I don't know php, I just edit it for my needs, please excuse my possible mis-use of terms. I think the fact I am searching for the wrong terms has made this difficult to find a solution for, which is why I am asking.

Basically I need to define a postid, then use it multiple ways.

$number = 455;

So above you can see the number of a postid.

Then within my templates I am using it as follows.

echo get_the_permalink( '$number' );

How do I make that work?

echo get_the_permalink( '455' );

^ works fine, but it means me typing that id a lot.


When you use the variable, don't use the quotes. So it would be like:

echo get_the_permalink( $number );

You can also use:

echo get_permalink( $number );


the_permalink( $number )

get_the_permalink() is an alias for get_permalink().

  • ha, simple as that. Thank you very much for your help! – Tim Aug 13 at 19:55
  • Glad to hear it helped! – Aida Aug 13 at 20:05

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