Ok this is kind of a strange question but I am hoping someone knows of an easy fix for this.

I sell Digital crochet patterns. I am using a plugin called Woo Checkout for Digital Goods that allows users to just enter their name, email address and zip code(For sales tax purposes). If the user has an account it auto defaults to the account details. However, the beauty of this plugin is that the customer can change the email address to offer this as a gift to someone else OR (As in my case) If they are a wholesale customer (Like a Yarn shop) who has a customer in the shop that wants the digital pattern, they can log in to their account and order the pattern at wholesale but change the email address so that the pattern download is sent to the retail customer.

The downside is that while the download from Book Funnel (I use that integration) is perfect, the receipt is sent to the person who is getting the pattern and not the purchaser.

I am hoping that there is a way that I can create a function that would allow WooCommerce to look and see if the email addresses match and if not it sends the receipt to the email of the account holder.

If that doesn't work, is there a way to send the receipt without the pricing so that the retail customer doesn't see the pricing the wholesale customer is paying?

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