When I try to create a new post with accents width wp-cli (in windows 10 command, I got latest wp-cli)

wp post create  --post_title="Héllo" --post_type=page --post_content="Héllo world"

I got error:

"Impossible to insert this post in database"

It works fine when I replace the "é" by "e"

wp post create  --post_title="Hello" --post_type=page --post_content="Hello world"

Any idea ?

  • i didn't use WPLI but the issue relates to sanitization, your data should be sanitized, and indeed there is a way to sanitize insertions, search for it or I hope anyone can post an answer – Makiomar Aug 12 '19 at 13:38

See Cannot create a post with Latin characters in the title on Windows.

Using UTF-8 in PHP arguments doesn’t work on Windows for PHP <= 7.0, however it will work for PHP >= 7.1, as it was fixed as part of Support for long and UTF-8 path. A workaround for PHP <= 7.0 is to use the --prompt option:

echo "Perícias Contábeis" | wp post create --post_type=page --post_status=publish --prompt=post_title

It looks a bit as if this bug only affects the title. Have you tried that? And the post content doesn't matter? Then the following should work:

echo "Héllo" | wp post create --post_type=page --post_content="Héllo world" --prompt=post_title
  • It affects title and also content – yarek Aug 12 '19 at 16:13
  • @yarek – Dayum! Then you'll need to do quite some Bash voodoo to get this running in a one-liner. – leymannx Aug 12 '19 at 16:44

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