I'm building a block that has, among other things, a FontAwesome icon. I'm currently letting users choose which icon by using a WP <SelectControl>.

For individual <option>s, there is a built-in way to add a label. For example:

    value={ icon }
        { label: '', value: 'fa-address-book' }

Combined with CSS this works great - the dropdown shows the icon itself, making it easy to select for those with good vision. However, I'd like to make this more accessible by adding an aria-label for each <option>.

I tried

    value={ icon }
        { label: '', value: 'fa-address-book', 'aria-label': 'Address book' }

but the aria-label does not actually render. Is there another way to add it?

The HTML output I'm looking for:

<select id="inspector-select-control-0" class="components-select-control__input">
    <option value="fa-address-book" aria-label="Address book"></option>

I would also be all right with using a screen reader only class in the label itself, but when I try this

    value={ icon }
        { label: '<span class="show-for-sr">Address book</span>', value: 'fa-address-book' }

the < and > tags show literally in the label rather than creating an actual separate HTML <span>.

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I agree with Nathan's answer, but you can copy the source and create your own SelectControl component based on that source. Here's an example, with basically just the aria-label addition:

    key={ `${ option.label }-${ option.value }-${ index }` }
    value={ option.value }
    disabled={ option.disabled }
    aria-label={ option.ariaLabel || '' }
    { option.label }

And a sample index.js file demonstrating usage of the custom SelectControl component:

import SelectControl from './select-control-custom'; // make sure the path is correct
import { withState } from '@wordpress/compose';

const MySelectControl = withState( {
    size: '50%',
} )( ( { size, setState } ) => (
        value={ size }
        options={ [
            { label: 'Big', value: '100%', ariaLabel: 'Aria label for Big' },
            { label: 'Medium', value: '50%', ariaLabel: 'Aria label for Medium' },
            { label: 'Small', value: '25%', ariaLabel: 'Aria label for Small' },
        ] }
) );

I.e. Use the ariaLabel property/key to set the ARIA label. And the above is based on the example here.

  • Thank you, Sally! That's working beautifully.
    – WebElaine
    Aug 12, 2019 at 13:44
  • You're welcome. :)
    – Sally CJ
    Aug 12, 2019 at 14:53

Looking at the code, right now it's not possible to add anything to an option inside the SelectControl besides a label, a value, an optional disabled keyword, and an id which is automatically generated from the label and value.

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