My Question:

I have a WordPress installation and want to use a free of charge eCommerce Plugin to handle the common tasks:

  • Customer Login / Session Management
  • Delivery address
  • Shopping cart ( which Products are already configured )
  • Check out and Payment

But I want to handle the "shop" page where the user configures its product on my own. The desired eCommerce Plugin would have to offer an API where I can give the API the following information:

  • Product ID e.g. "5E9W43HzOI"
  • Price without Shipping cost
  • Amount of the product "How many" of the product ID
  • Relative URL to a picture of the configured product

I sell track widening metal disks for cars, here is a picture of a very simple one:

enter image description here

This means I only offer "one" product but it is highly configurable.

I have a PHP / JavaScript Shopping Page like in the mock up picture: enter image description here

The shopping page starts with only one drop down menu called Car Manufacturer displayed.

When the users selects for example Ford then the next down menu called Car Model appears and depending on the selection, the next drop down menu appears.

  1. Right now I have over 10000 configuration values for the drop down boxes
  2. Which next drop down menu appears when the user made a selection in the previous one is depending on the current input.
  3. How many menus appear before the configuration is finished is different, because it depends have on the car manufacturer and model what and which information I need.

If the desired eCommerce Plugin would offer my an API to an Add to Shopping Cart button where I can hand over the desired information to the eCommerce Plugin from my shop page.

The plugin would then create a product instance in the customers basked. This product has to only exist for the eCommerce Plugin as a Order Item asigned to the customer not as a Shopping Item.

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