I wish to hide a specific checkout field based on shipping class. So if the cart contains a product with that shipping class an input fields should be hidden.

Anyone who can help me archive this?


  • It is a regular field like the address 2. If I can just add a class to the field or inject some css to hide it, it will be fine – jlock Aug 8 at 12:22

By "specific checkout field" do you mean shipping method. Because there is a free plugin which can Hide WooCommerce Shipping Method Based on Shipping Class and Shipping Zone.

If you want to hide the shipping method please let me know I will show how you can do it with the help of the above plugin.

  • No, it just a regular text field - billing address 2 - which in this case i used for another purphose :) – jlock Aug 8 at 12:22

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