My goal is to check if my custom user meta field 'subscribe_to_newsletter' has been changed. If so i will be sending an API call to mailchimp to change the users status.

I currently have a front end profile page that gives users an edit profile option that includes the 'subscribe_to_newsletter' meta. The fields are commited via REST API. I currently am using the following filter to catch the action:

add_filter('insert_user_meta', 'post_subscriber_mailchimp_status', 10, 3);

function post_subscriber_mailchimp_status($meta, $user, $update) 
    if(!$update) return $meta; // User first Creation

    $old_meta = get_user_meta($user->ID, 'subscribe_to_newsletter'); //old meta

    // What I would like to do...
    // Check new meta (Doesn't Exist..) vs old_meta (Exists)
    if ($meta['subscribe_to_newsletter'] == $old_meta[0])
        //...call mailchimp API

Everything works as expected when it comes to sequence of events. But the $meta variable of the new data doesn't include my custom meta field 'subscribe_to_newsletter'.

Is there a way to add my meta field to be included in the $meta variable passed to this filter? Or another possible solution all together.

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