I have an a bit convoluted problem and I am looking forward to hear if anyone has a solution.

My wordpress installation lies behind an amazon Apigateway. This behaves like a CDN and serves my website at "aws.url.com/stage". When the website is accessed via "aws.url.com/stage/path/to/resource" it will send a request to the server for "path/to/resource".

Now I have two options.

  • I set home and siteurl to "aws.url.com/" -> Then all the links on my site will break, as they now point to "aws.url.com/path/to/resource".
  • I set home and siteurl to "aws.url.com/" -> Then I cant access wp-admin anymore, since the server thinks it it located at "/stage/wp-admin".

To make it a bit more interesting my server can't use .htaccess. This is not possible, because the wordpress installation is executed via the inbuild webserver of php. Sadly I won't be able to change this without a significant amount of work.

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