I am running WordPress 3.2.1. and WP e-Commerce The problems I am having are:

  1. If the permalinks are set to default (example.com/?p=123) the e-Commerce plugin works ok except when I turn on pagination and enter 16 as the number of products to show per page, I can’t reach page 2 in the pagination links – it just brings me back to page 1 with the URI example.com/?page_id=54&paged=2. Same thing with the “Next” and “Last” links. How do I fix this?

  2. If I go with better permalinks ( /%category%/%postname%/ ) the store doesn’t work, the URI example.com/category leads to an empty page and none of the products work. Is there any way I could get the permalinks structure above and get the pagination to work?

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I'm having the same problem, though my initial product-page and categories are working fine, going to page 2 fails. Products-page give me an empty page and the categories give me unexpected, unthemed results.

The fix was to turn off ‘Use Hierarchical Product Category URL:’ in Settings/Store/General

See this thread for background.


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