I have a shop and a blog.

Currently they are split between two URLs, for example johnsmith.com and johnsmithshop.com

Most people know me by johnsmith.com, and go to that URL even when they plan to shop. The issue is that when people land there, my blog is there, not my shop.

I want to run A/B split testing on the landing page of johnsmith.com, where one landing page is my blog, and another is a page that simply has call to actions to either visit the blog or visit the shop.

What is the best way to go about something like this? I have looked a little into Google Optimize, but not sure that has the functionality that I want.

Basically I created a landing page at johnsmith.com/landing that has the 2 call to action links. Is there some sort of plugin that would direct 50% of incoming traffic to johnsmith.com/landing and the other 50% would stay at johnsmith.com?

I'm new to A/B split testing so trying to wrap my head around how this would work.


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