I've explore many differing plugins (wordpress) when looking at basic memberships, as this is all that's needed, and have not found what is required, came very close but stop there. This also includes the "similar questions box".

I have a service booking site, kennelling to be more specific, for customers to book services daily, weekly, etc and the programme/plugin being used is great for what I need, however!

I would like to be be able to enhance their experience just that bit more, as the application process is lengthy due to H&S and Law reasons, so that being said, it can be quite a laborious process for returning customers.

  1. From the initial (new) booking form, I'd like for them to continue as normal, booking times, dates, number of pets, and payments through the current service application form, however...
  2. I would like to capture this information and turn it into their own "private" profile.
  3. This profile then when needed, the member then can, through a click of a button, duplicate their original form for submission
  4. Edit the submission form (dates and numbers) and it alters the pricing structuring.

Is there something about that will do this, or could someone point me in the right direction for the appropriate coding for linking, extracting and submissions etc.

Many thanks and regards


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