I have a page, where I list our current free job positions, let's call it Career. In it's content all custom post types of type job_position are being displayed.

For some specific reasons I need to have couple of subpages, which have the Career page set as their Parrent page (so it displays correctly in breadcrumbs, etc.)

The problem is that once you click some job position, a single CTP page displays like this:

Slug: mysite.com/job_position/job-name instead of mysite.com/career/job-name

Breadcrumbs: Home > Job name instead of Job > Career > Job name

I can workaround this by setting the custom slug for my CPT's (either with CPT UI plugin, which I use, or programatically). After that, both slug and breadcrumbs work great for these CPT, but all subpages that have the Career page set as their parrent throw a 404 error (because I messed up the permalink structure by those changes).

Is there a way to do this?

  • You can use custom rewrite rules to handle requests to the child "Career" Pages. – Sally CJ Jul 24 '19 at 22:20

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