Using wp.media function to create custom uploader popup I can't find argument to show attachment filters.

if(typeof wp === 'undefined' || typeof wp.media === 'undefined') {
  return false;

var frame = wp.media({
   title: 'Custom title',
   multiple: false

My result:

enter image description here

Desired result:

enter image description here

Any help will be appreciated

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You need to make use of filterable property. To do that, you can extend the library and use that as a custom state.

// Create state
var myCustomState = wp.media.controller.Library.extend({
    defaults :  _.defaults({
        id: 'my-custom-state',
        title: 'Upload Image',
        allowLocalEdits: true,
        displaySettings: true,
        filterable: 'all', // This is the property you need. Accepts 'all', 'uploaded', or 'unattached'.
        displayUserSettings: true,
        multiple : false,
    }, wp.media.controller.Library.prototype.defaults )

//Setup media frame
frame = wp.media({
    button: {
        text: 'Select'
    state: 'my-custom-state', // set the custom state as default state
    states: [
        new myCustomState() // add the state
  • It works! Thank you. I will send your bounty asap Jul 22, 2019 at 22:31

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