I have been developing a custom extension for my theme over the last few weeks.

This is my first time "developing" with Wordpress. All works fine and I am happy with the resulting functionality, albeit it needs some tidying.

My extension currently stores all data in an array in the user_meta table. When any page loads which uses the extension, all of these variables are pulled:


if (is_user_logged_in()) {

                $custom_meta = get_user_meta($userid, 'custom' . $postid, true);
                $custom1 = $custom_meta['custom1'];
                $custom2 = $custom_meta['custom2'];
                $custom3 = $custom_meta['custom3'];
                $custom8 = $custom_meta['custom8'];

Is there a way to greatly clean this up by storing all of these variables outside of main-block so I can just call them without defining them in here?

Or is this normal and OK?


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