My scenario:

  • JWT auth for user queries, which requires to customize .htaccess to recognize the Bearer Authorization header
  • OAuth 1.0a for system queries, and because of .htaccess customization the auth parameters need to go into the body/query string

I use React for the frontend, WP/WooCommerce as backend. I use axios (I'd like to avoid replacing it for lower-level alternatives) and for OAuth 1.0 I use oauth-1.0a.

Now GET requests work fine when the oauth parameters are in the querystring, but I just can't get POST to work in JS and it's driving me nuts.. However, it does work in Postman when the auth parameters go into the POST body, so I know it's not a server issue. I have zero idea what's not working here. Oauth is not the nicest to debug.

Below is a fully working example, if someone would be so nice to take a look at this. I even threw in a temporary consumer_key and consumer_secret with read/write privileges. It's purely dev right now with sample stuff in WooCommerce, can't destroy much at this point. I'll disable the tokens very soon though.

import axios from 'axios'
import OAuth from 'oauth-1.0a'
import crypto from 'crypto-browserify'

const woocommerce = WooCommerceAPI('ck_1da6169c0338088f3e02097a6c9017e800c58176', 'cs_0e090b0a578f48aa8d1096bcd5525415a856836e')
    {username: 'test', 'password': 'test', email: 'test@bullocks.com'}
  ).then((response) => {
  }).catch( (error) => {

class WooCommerceAPI {
  constructor(consumerKey, consumerSecret, timeout = 60000) {
    this.consumerKey = consumerKey
    this.consumerSecret = consumerSecret
    this.timeout = timeout

    this._request = axios.create({
      baseURL: 'https://boundlessmaps.gis-ops.com' + '/wp-json/wc/v3',
      timeout: this.timeout

  _getOAuth() {
    const data = {
      consumer: {
        key: this.consumerKey,
        secret: this.consumerSecret
      signature_method: 'HMAC-SHA1',
      hash_function: (base_string, key) => {
        return crypto
          .createHmac('sha1', key)

    return new OAuth(data)

  // POST responds with 'Sorry, you are not allowed to create resources.'

  post(endpoint, data_params, params = null) {
    const method = 'POST'

    const oauth_params = this._getOAuth().authorize({
      url: 'https://boundlessmaps.gis-ops.com' + '/wp-json/wc/v3' + endpoint,
      method: method,
      data: data_params

    return this._request.post(endpoint, oauth_params)

  // GET requests work

  static _normalizeQueryString(params) {
    if (!params) {
      return ''

    let queryString = ''
    const params_list = []

    for (const p in params) {

    for (const i in params_list) {
      if (queryString.length) {
        queryString += '&'

      queryString += encodeURIComponent(params_list[i])
        .replace('%5B', '[')
        .replace('%5D', ']')
      queryString += '='
      queryString += encodeURIComponent(params[params_list[i]])

    return '?' + queryString

  get(endpoint, params = null) {
    const method = 'GET'
    const queryString = WooCommerceAPI._normalizeQueryString(params)

    this._request.interceptors.request.use(config => {
      return config

    const oauth_params = this._getOAuth().authorize({
        'https://boundlessmaps.gis-ops.com' +
        '/wp-json/wc/v3' +
        endpoint +
      method: method

    return this._request.get(endpoint, {
      params: { ...params, ...oauth_params }

Puuh, after a full day of research in total, I realized the problem..

First of all, the code above is not supposed to work actually. The oauth parameters have to go into the query string apparently. That's how all WooCommerce client APIs do it:

post(endpoint, data_params, params = null) {
  const method = 'POST'

  const oauth_params = this._getOAuth().authorize({
    url: 'https://boundlessmaps.gis-ops.com' + '/wp-json/wc/v3' + endpoint + WooCommerceAPI._normalizeQueryString(params),
    method: method

  return this._request.post(endpoint, data_params, {
    params: oauth_params

So that should work in theory, but still doesn't. The OPTIONS preflight fails. Now that's apparently indeed a server-side problem. Basically WooCommerce has a limitation which I didn't fully understand tbh. The way around is to avoid a preflight, which apparently is possible if you avoid Content-Type: application/json header and a body. Using axios, you just put all parameters in the query string and leave the body and headers empty. This wouldn't work on all servers, but it does with WooCommerce luckily.


The working solution is:

post(endpoint, data_params) {
  const method = 'POST'

  const oauth_params = this._getOAuth().authorize({
    url: 'https://boundlessmaps.gis-ops.com' + '/wp-json/wc/v3' + endpoint + WooCommerceAPI._normalizeQueryString(data_params),
    method: method

  return this._request.post(endpoint, null, {
    params: oauth_params

Happy hacking;)

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