I am working on WordPress for 2 years and have familiarity with executing quite complicated and tricky operations using CSS but something is currently wrong with my system / the website or my theme settings. I am tired of using my own capabilities which are not working for the current task.

I am using Avada Theme on my WordPress website. I have installed Fusion Builder plugin which also provides built-in slider settings for my website. Although the theme provides enough flexibility to modify anything using settings, however, there is some problem with the caption background color on slides in fusion slider.

I have created a slider using fusion slider and have created three different slides for that slider all with different text and background images. I am also open to modifying each and everything on slides using settings. However, I am unable to modify the caption background color on each slide. When I place an RGBA value like rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3) or a hexadecimal code like #4DFFFFFF, I always get background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.4); result on the front end.

The setting does not provide any other feature which can help me force the functionality in order to replace the caption background color with whatever I need.

Any help will highly be appreciated.

NOTE: As per my client requirements, I only need to make it possible with settings only. I am not allowed to use any CSS code in my style.css. I just need this to be done with setting.

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