I have a site that I must redirect a logged in user to a page with a # in the url. Anytime this happens the only way to grab anything after the # is using JavaScript. I know I can grab what I want with something like this:

<script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById("redirect_to").setAttribute('value',"/docs/Default.htm"+window.location.hash);

But I can figure out how to have WordPress redirect to that /docs/Default.htm#444 page when someone comes into the site with that as the referral.

So... someone is on a site, clicks a link to my WordPress site example.com/docs/Default.htm#444 and I need the login page to appear if they're not logged in and have redirect_to be set to /docs/Default.htm#444

Best way to do this, or is it impossible? I can use a plugin, change the default wp-login or create an all new login page. I've not found a plugin that'll do this, and I've been unable to figure out how modify wp-login nor have I get a custom login page to work. wp_login_form seems to set the redirect_to no matter what and I don't see how to override that with a variable from that JavaScript.

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