Is it possible to display multi-page content via WP custom themes? By WP custom themes i mean a wordpress theme manually created by splitting my Html into .php files and then uploading them directly into a newly created folder within mysite/wp-content/themes/NEWFolder.

Let's say my site has most of its content on a single-page build but uses a secondary page for some slightly different content. Can i make a link through wordpress menus (or anyhow) to display this secondary page if i include it's file in the wp-content/themes/myTheme folder?

So far i tried linking to the file directly (site/wp-content/themes/myTheme/sidepage.php) or just directly accesing the URL. Both came out with the same results, that being a blank page or when i try to include the same header, footer as on the main index.php page via a "Page isn't working" HTTP ERROR 500.

Is it even possible to have 2 different content pages within 1 custom made wordpress theme? Or am i just stuck with the single index.php file that way? If so does anyone have suggestions or a workaround how to achieve a secondary page in this type of wordpress setup?

Thanks a lot, appreciate any kind of help.

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