We are running a site with WordPress and WooCommerce. We have used WPML to have the option of adding multiple languages.

Now we want to get rid of WPML :)

We have deleted it and set the WP language to "formal German". Everything looks good (plugins will be translated via loco translate).

But I cannot manage to translate our default WP blog. There are still buttons, search forms etc. that are not translatable (or at least I did not find were to look).

Do you have an idea?


If you have bought a theme you should have support for other languages. See the chapter Internationalization in the theme developer handbook for more information, or e.g. more specific on translation functions like __() the Code Reference.

If you independently developed a theme, you probably forgot about this element. If not, check if your theme not have strings in theme without __(), if it is true, you should add all strings to functions like this – see above linked resource for an overview.

Furthermore, the Theme Handbook has an informative chapter on how to localize, with information about logic behind it and tools to use, you might find interesting.

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