On my WordPress website, I am using WooCommerce Plugin for selling membership to my clients. I have currently four membership plans i.e. 7-Day Free Trial, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Recently, I have got a few issues with some orders on the system.

  1. I just tried to resubscribe an existing member myself and when I resubscribed his silver monthly it added it as a 7-Day Free Trial despite not having an active membership previously and it added the shipping charges as well. So I’m certain the shipping is connected to the 7DFT, but it still shouldn’t be adding either the shipping or the 7-Day Free Trial. I retraced my steps and clicked subscriptions and “resubscribe” and the second time it did not change it to 7-Day Free Trial or add the shipping.

The purpose is to prevent a returning member not to use the 7-Day Free Trial Plan. The system did not ever act like this.

  1. Just in a single day, the status of another subscription has gone from expired to active, then from active to free-trial, later, from Free Trial to paused, the to active again and then to paused. I guess something in the system in memberships causes these changes and I am not sure about this. I just only know that none of these changes are done by us manually.

I just need some high-level information on the above cases that what could be the issue with the system. In fact, this never happens to me nor my customers ever.

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