Goal is to transfer a WordPress site hosted elsewhere (call it elsewhere.com) to a subsite of a WordPress Multisite install at AWS. I seem to have the WordPress Multisite going, and have exported an XML file from the elsewhere.com site, but am stuck on trying to import to the AWS subsite. Using the Bitnami WordPress Multisite AMI on EC2, pretty minimal installation just for testing so far, installed in the last week and then updated, so should be latest versions of everything, able to edit the Hello World post on default site and subsites :), have activated Jetpack and Wordfence plugins. Following these instructions: https://docs.bitnami.com/azure/how-to/combine-wordpress-multisite When I get to step 3, "Import Content Into WordPress Multisite" going to "My Sites -> Network Admin -> Sites", hovering over one of the subsites and clicking "Dashboard", then going to "Tools -> Import" the screen says "No importers are available." and no import options are displayed.

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    You need to install the WordPress Importer in your network, then the option will be available there. Not having read your linked doc: Make sure all plugins from the previous site are installed on the multisite and activated in your specific subsite, this will prevent loss from the export XML. – kero Jul 9 '19 at 8:00

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