Considering that I have an Excel table that represents my "DB", I need to implement a custom search form that:

  1. retrieves data from the table, using some filters, and shows short results;
  2. opens a tab with specific table data when clicking on each short result.

Please consider the following pictures to understand what I need to do.

This is the search form where users can type keywords and/or search with some filters that retrieve content with dropdowns from specific fields (e.g. column x, y, z from the data table).

enter image description here

The search results will be listed as quick excerpts from the data tab, as shown in the next picture: enter image description here

Clicking on MORE, a tab or a page with the specific table data will be opened, as you can see in the last picture: enter image description here

I understand that I will have to create a database in a way different than the Excel (maybe an XML file, a wpDataTable or a SQL Table in the website db), but I don't have to realize all this interface. Can I use some plugins or should I write by hand? Thanks for any help.

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