i tried to change custom permalink on subdirectory blog, but blog homepage automatically display root homepage content, please help if anybody know the issues..

For example

I have domain - https://www.example.com

now i create subdirectory blog - https://www.example.com/myblog/

when i customize permalinks on https://www.example.com/myblog/ and then i can view frontend its url is correct https://www.example.com/myblog/ but content parts are all from https://www.example.com.

On https://www.example.com/myblog/ default permalinks work fine but i want custom permalinks.

i dont know whats the issues. please help if anybody know.

  • What do you mean when you say "now i create subdirectory blog". Is /myblog a separate WordPress install? – Jacob Peattie Jul 5 at 6:41

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