I allow users to sign up with their first name, last name and e-mail addresses. I want to make their first and last name as slug. For example user first name is “John” and last name is “James”. The slug should be example.com/users/john-james/ I do not want to use any plugin to make changes.

There are already 300 registered members on the website and i want to change their slug too.

  • Hey, you have to change their user_login meta to achieve that. PS : By default the user_login is composed by the first and last name of a user ! – Rachid Chihabi Jul 3 at 8:54
  • @RachidChihabi Could you please let me know how can i do this? – Jack Jul 3 at 9:06
  • i just put an answer cuz comments are limited...see bellow – Rachid Chihabi Jul 3 at 9:31

To update existing users, try to make a script file and put that code on it (you have to require necessary file wp-load.php if you put that file in the root of your wp instance) or by listning on a hook like init hook :

$blogusers = get_users( 'role=subscriber' ); //get users by role
// Array of WP_User objects.
foreach ( $blogusers as $user ) { //loop throught users
    update_user_meta($user->ID, 'user_login', sanitize_title($user->first_name.' '.$user->last_name)); //update user login

    //if $user->first_name / $user->last_name didn't work, try to get the first and last names by using get_user_meta($user->ID, 'first_name', true)...

if you wanna use that behaviour just after user has registred, you have to use the user_register hook, and then put the same code above in your function...

PS : Code not tested.

  • thanks! I will try this code and get back to you. – Jack Jul 3 at 9:32

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