I want to assign comment author link to author profile link (if comment author email is registered). Profile permalink is /user/UserName

I've come over this code which is link to author posts url-

add_filter('get_comment_author_link', 'author_comment_link_to_archives');
function author_comment_link_to_archives( $link ) {
    global $comment;
    if ( !empty( $comment->user_id ) && !empty( get_userdata( $comment->user_id )->ID ) ) {
        $link = sprintf(
            '<a href="%s" rel="external nofollow" class="url">%s</a>',
            get_author_posts_url( $comment->user_id ),
            strip_tags( $link )
    return $link;

How can I make this code to linked to user profile link?

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