I set up a photo gallery for a friend. I can upload photos to his photo gallery from my place using my WiFI, whereas he can't at his location. I took his laptop home and I'm able to upload with his computer at my place just fine.

Is there some sort of WiFI setting that he might have at home that's preventing photos from uploading properly? There's no real error message. The photo appears to upload 99% of the way then it fails to upload without returning any specific error message. The photos he attempts to upload from home do not appear in his image gallery at all. I had him try with his iPhone and get got the same sort of thing trying to upload a photo to his WP site.

It's worth noting he can upload photos to Instagram fine so it does not appear to be some general problem with photo uploading.

So I took his laptop home with me and I can upload photos to his photo gallery no problem. The only difference I can see between the two locations is the WiFI and the Internet connection. Any recommendations on how to troubleshoot and solve this issue? Thanks!

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