We have an online store using WordPress and WooCommerce to sell software and content. A long standing goal of ours was to also make the content store available directly inside the software we sell as opposed to exclusively on our website.

My impression was that the developments of the last few years of WordPress getting an official REST API and WooCommerce hooking into that would cater to that, but after a bit of testing my impression is, that the WooCommerce API was designed exclusively with the "using it as a store manager"-scenario in mind and not with the "building an alternative storefront". I was e.g. hoping that when I am authenticating as a customer and e.g. calling the /wp-json/wc/v3/orders endpoint, I would get the orders that I made. Instead I am getting a 403. I do see all orders when I do the same thing as a user which is admin.

So I am wondering: If I want to build an alternative store front on top of WooCommerce, will I have to basically build my own copy of the WooCommerce API with a slightly less restrictive permissions structure, or is possible to somehow tell WooCommerce to allow for these things? I guess actually placing an order will not be possible through the API? Has anyone tried this before?

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