Today I tried to load one of my local WP sites to prepare for developing a new theme and found that none of the assets were loading. I checked the paths and found that they show as expected in the page source:


but when I actually clicked on the link, the protocol changed to https:


I don't have a local SSL certificate, so all assets are failing: stylesheets, images, scripts, etc. The Wordpress PHP templates load with no problem but everything else fails.

I have about a dozen local WP sites and this is happening with three of them, on the frontend and the backend; the only connection between them is they were the first three sites I checked today, but I've cleared my cache and the problem persists.

What could be causing a redirect to https on assets only? All my local sites have always only used http, and the broken sites were working fine before today!

(An extra detail: in Chrome, I can select the option to load insecure content per domain and this immediately fixes things; in Firefox, my primary browser, clicking this option doesn't do anything and I can't get past the warning screen.)

(ETA another detail: When I check the details of the certificate error, there is actually a certificate loading, but the browser doesn't trust it for probably obvious reasons. I would like to fix the redirect but I would settle for getting the local certificate to work if all else fails.)

(ETA another thing I just discovered: one of the broken sites, in addition to redirecting to https, is removing "siteurl/wp-content/" from asset links when clicked, redirecting to something like "https://localhost/themes/themename/style.css" which gives a "not found" error after setting a security exception for the domain. The other two do not show this behavior, which might mean this site is having a slightly different issue?)

(ETA: if I change the directory name of the main broken site (jessefivey.com to jessefivey.old) and update the database to reflect the new domain, I still get the redirect problem. If I make a NEW local domain jessefivey.com and install WP from scratch, I ALSO get the redirect problem on the new site, but it goes away if I clear my cache. This makes me think it has something to do with WP settings in the DB or in wp-config, but I still can't find anything!)

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