I have problem that Youtube videos are not working on my page. I have done several ways to embed YT videos but nothing.

  1. I tried to put just link in post and YT video doesn't show on final post. I even tried to insert YT link but that link is crossed and plugin for broken links is reporting there is problem with that link.

  2. I tried to embed videos with tagDiv Composer plugin and they are not showing up. I tried to set channel id, channel playlist.

  3. And lastly I installed plugin to insert playlist from YT via video id. That doesn't work either.

I thought it was problem with some plugin then I completely restored Wordpress to its default state. Problem is still here. So problem is that there is something that blocks YT videos from showing on Wordpress page. I even tried different browser.


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Try embedding an iFrame. Go to the youtube video you're trying to post. Click right > Copy embed code.

Paste it in the HTML editor on wordpress. It should work without a plug in.

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