I want to validate the Wordpress Rest API for requests from two different domains.

Wordpress, Cookie or O-auth methods can be verified. But it is impossible to accept external requests with Cookie. What remains is to verify with O-auth. The bad thing is I can't use O-Auth in my project.

So I wrote myself a "en / de Crypt" function. The domain I request encrypts the information, and the other domain decodes and verifies this password.

After all, if the encrypted information is correct, I give the API authorization with a function like the following.

function checkApiAuth( $result ){

    $encryptAPIKey = $_GET['requestKey'];

    if( decryptFn( $encryptAPIKey ) === $realKey ):
        $result = true;

        $result = false;


    return $result;           
add_filter('rest_authentication_errors', 'checkApiAuth');

However, this method works the same as the requesting domain. If a request is received from a different domain, it does not work (I think Acces-Control-Allow-Origin-related) is an obstacle.

Although I did this as follows, I could not authorize the Rest API for requests from outside.

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks.

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