My website users can view their profiles and edit their profiles on a front-end custom page (/user/). How can I make the profile pages public?

Page slug for user profile page is /user/ and profile edit page is /user/edit/. I want to make the profile page public, public profile page slug can be /user/UserName/.

Can anyone help me to achieve this? Please.

  • How are you implementing this front end profile editing behaviour? WordPress itself does not have that functionality. – Jacob Peattie Jun 28 at 11:21
  • Editing behavior comes from a plugin actually, but profile page by myself. – akarim Jun 28 at 11:29
  • by users you mean default wordpress users? usually wordpress populates all these as author pages. you could change the url from author to user via permalink_rewrite and you would need to create/style a author.php template file. correct..? and since i guess, that your users will not create posts, you would need something like this – honk31 Jun 28 at 14:12

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