Will current_theme_supports() return TRUE with a nonstandard add_theme_support() string?

If I do this in my theme:

add_theme_support( 'my_funky_new_thing' );

Can someone else writing a plugin do this?

if( current_theme_supports( 'my_funky_new_thing' ) ){
    // ...

Yes. You can take advantage of this to enable or disable features in your plugin if a theme does or does not declare support for a feature. WooCommmerce is an example of a plugin that does this.


As a side note for those interested, you can also pass parameters with your custom theme support.

// theme functions.php
add_theme_support( 'some_feature', array(
) );

// plugin.php
$feature_args = get_theme_support( 'some_feature' );
var_dump( $feature_args );
// array(
//   array(
//     'arg_foo',
//     'arg_bar'
//   )
// );

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